This was the first #GoWithThePro Twitter chat of the year and boy was it a busy one!

Our founders Ruth, Clare, Gemma, Cathy and Nicole shared their favourite tips for helping you to have a great start to the year.

Together we set out to motivate our community – because let’s be honest here, after weeks of excess food, TV and having the kids at home, it can be tough to get back into the swing of things when you run your own business.

You’ll find many golden nuggets in here. Let us know in the comments which tips inspired you to grow your business #LikeAPro this year!

We also encouraged our community to share their best GIFs, and the prize, a personal branding power hour with Nicole went to Kat Dooney.

So how do we kick-start 2019?  Read our key questions and replies.

How can we supercharge our motivation to feel ready for a successful year?

Nicole’s tips:

Don’t feel overwhelmed by completely having to change everything in 2019. A new year is also an opportunity to refocus.

SO rather than doing more, more, more (better life-balance, more marketing, healthier food…) also figure out which things you can let go of.

Cathy’s tips:

Don’t be overwhelmed by feeling you need to map out your whole year in detail. While a skeleton plan is great, break it down into 3 month sections and do your detailed planning for the next 3 months.

Get motivated and work on your mindset. 2019 will be your year if you are determined and take strategic action every working day.

Clare’s tips:

Get everything down on paper. I’m a big believer in lists, and things often seem less daunting on paper than in your head! Don’t panic if you don’t get through things, we always try to do too much at the start of the year!

Don’t forget that you need to work ON your business not just IN your business.  Dealing with your business like you would a client is a good place to start.

What do you see as top priorities for the first 90 days in 2019 to up set up your business for growth?

Nicole’s tips:

Focus, focus. focus. Can you get more organised? How much time do you have for clients and your own marketing – ring fence weekly slots in your diary for your own marketing.

Know your audience and what they’re interested in. Make time to create user personas to make your content and messaging more engaging by answering their questions.

Nail your personal brand! We encourage our members to create personal brand values – if you struggle with this, share your questions in our free Facebook group.

Write down a list of ideas for getting more business, including:

  • Improve your social media channels TODAY
  • Be active on LinkedIn
  • Talk to your whole network, ask for referrals
  • Identify companies you want to work with  – create a strategy for getting noticed by them
  • Write blogs that answer the questions of your target market
  • Participate in Twitter chats and the right local events

What tips can you share for planning and running your content marketing in 2019 to grow your audience?

Cathy’s tips:

Have a crystal clear picture of your target audience. It’s vitally important because your content marketing will be relying on keywords to get noticed, so you must choose the right ones.

Do your research. Think like a consumer or client. What do they want to learn about?  What decision do they need help with?

Ask in relevant Facebook groups what people would like to learn more about in your niche. If you’re getting emails from customers or clients write down any questions they ask.

We hear from members they struggle to find time for their own marketing, what tips can you share to change this in 2019?

Gemma tips:

Change your mindset. The temptation is to prioritise ‘paid work’ but we advise our members to treat yourself like a client. Your own marketing is equally as important as it presents you as an expert and generates leads.

If you are short of time, decide where you’ll get the best results and focus your efforts on doing a great job there rather than try to do everything. The temptation is often to be on every social platform for example, and it’s not necessary.

Repurpose your content. One blog can very quickly be repurposed for a Linkedin post, some quote tiles and some video content.

Plan your time. One of our first Twitter chats was about saving time on social media.

When we start out, we sometimes undercharge, how do we secure better rates in 2019?

Ruth’s tips:

To kick off 2019 we wrote about pricing in our latest blog. Remember sometimes the only difference in someone earning more money than you can be just confidence to price yourself better.

If you share your prices on your website there is an argument that you can get rid of time wasters or “tyre kickers”. You can get rid of those potential leads that just want a chat or to spend hours talking about what they want only to tell you they don’t have the budget.

Being confident and upfront with your pricing means you eliminate time wasters. It radiates confidence and shows people you know what you are doing.

If you charge by the hour, it could be self-limiting. We’ll get faster doing things with the more experience we get. We tend to work more efficiently if we price on a per job or project basis.

Expect to negotiate. Never panic and say yes to a lower price, always PAUSE, ask if you can go away and think about it, and get a 2nd opinion.. Be confident to turn lower paid work down. It will devalue you and your industry. Higher paying work is out there.

Sometimes low confidence levels hold us back – how can we beat imposter syndrome?

Clare’s tips

Record your wins. It’s easy to forget what you’ve learned or achieved and to see them written down can be a real confidence boost.

Try and understand what you’re afraid of. Talk to your network of people who might have faced and overcome the same fears. All of us sometimes feel we can’t do it!

When you have a tricky meeting coming up, work out scenarios beforehand and what your bottom line negotiation position is. Don’t feel like you have to give answers there and then. Saying you need to have a think is fine!

Pro tip: If you hate being asked for your day rate, make up a ridiculously high number and practise saying it in front of the mirror for a week. By the time you have to say it for real you’ll feel completely at ease. Promise!

What one thing have you changed in 2018 that you think our community could benefit from?

Nicole’s: I pushed myself out of my comfort zone. Doing more live videos and public speaking. Having accountability partners really helped me with achieving this! Now I’ve got 3 gigs booked in the first 6 months of 2019 and I go live weekly.

Cathy: I‘ve changed my mindset. I work daily on journaling (which I never thought I would say!) and I plan, plan, plan.

Clare’: Outsource more… to the right people. Also, learn something new. I started my video learning journey with our own challenge.

Gemma: Find a support network (an absolute must as a freelancer!) and hold each other accountable. If I know I have a deadline looming I tell Nicole because I know she won’t let me off the hook!

In summary

This last Twitter chat was value-packed… we had a blast and it was great to see many new faces!

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