Tim Lewis is the founder of Stoneham Press and is an author, podcaster and speaker.

Tim’s latest book, Social Media Networking covers how to use social media to get the job you want, find love and increase your travel experience.

This book is based on Tim’s own experiences and interviews with 20 individuals who have achieved success by making connections on social media. Check out chapter 17 which features the interview with our co-founder Cathy Wassell.

In this week’s Twitter chat, we asked Tim how we can grow our businesses #LikeAPro with organic Facebook marketing.

In addition to posting content on Facebook, how else can we get noticed by our ideal audience?

By consuming and making thoughtful and useful comments on other people’s content we can start to build useful connections on social media.

This can be in relevant industry Facebook groups or influencer’s live-streams, for example.

Top tip from GWTP co-founder, Ruth Gilby: Plan out regular Facebook Lives. Facebook Lives are proven to generate more reach and engagement. Create unique content. Help your audience and most importantly engage, engage, engage.

What are the main mistakes you see people make with their organic Facebook marketing?

The main is purely a posting strategy. If people don’t know who you are then the best post in the world won’t get any traction.

By getting out and interacting you can build up connections to share your posts and it will help you understand what they want.

There is a world of difference being a small business with no following and a huge business with an existing customer base. Small businesses need work on connections.

Top tip from GWTP co-founder, Cathy Wassell: The main mistakes I see are broadcasting instead of engaging (being all me, me, me) and not including a call to action in your post – tell people what you’d like them to do.

What are the best ways to find your audience on Facebook?

How do you know which groups are the most relevant for you and your target market?

Spend time lurking in the group for a while to see if it’s actually full of customers or just a sales front.

Are they talking about the industry you are in? Are people asking relevant questions? Focus on those groups.

What tips do you have for commenting on posts to grow our profile?

The best posts to comment on are Facebook Live shows by industry leaders – this will get you noticed by the host and their community. Show up and be known in their community and it will serve you well.

Top tip from GWTP co-founder, Gemma Windham:

Comment when it’s appropriate and you can add value to the conversation. So often you see people rush to promote themselves on someone else’s post and that’s not the way to build relationships.

What are your favourite tools to create engaging posts for Facebook?

Facebook has all sorts of options for interesting posts that stand out in the news feed. A panoramic photo can work well, polls, Facebook Lives, speeded up videos (Hyperlapse app) and anything you can do to stand out. Focus on quality

Top tip from GWTP co-founder, Nicole Osborne: Going live on the platform with video works super well. Facebook and the audience love video. I like using BeLive for interviewing people.

Many of our members are social media managers, how can we avoid overwhelm on Facebook?

Take control of your notifications. Go to Settings/Notifications and turn off virtually everything and then go to your phone/reminder app on PC and set up notifications to check particular groups and your feed at particular times of days to fit your schedule.

We should be moving to batching and dealing with notifications, not allowing them to be your master.

Another thing is to create bookmarks in your browser to specific Facebook Groups, Messenger, etc, so you have less chance of getting distracted.

Top tip from GWTP co-founder, Clare McDonald: Most importantly, and most obviously, switch it off regularly! The notifications alone can be overwhelming, let alone responding to people. Set aside specific times of the day to engage but otherwise leave things and don’t be tempted to check in too often.

What’s next?

If you’d like more tips on getting good organic reach on Facebook, check out Tim’s blog about it here. Why not give his Begin Self-Publishing podcast a listen too?!

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