Cathy Wassell is one of our four co-founders and also founder of digital marketing agency, Socially Contented.

Cathy is a digital marketer with over 24 years of experience, mostly in marketing for international retail.

When she made the leap to go it alone, she realised her heart lay online so made the decision to specialise in social media consultancy, and Socially Contented was born!

Here she tells us, in her own words, how we can manage kids and business #LikeAPro through the impending summer holidays.

Q1. What can you do right now to have a better summer?

Planning is key. Prepare in the weeks leading up to the summer holidays. 

Predict what’s likely to come up given the schedule and plan how to cover it.

Start planning childcover and get family involved where you can.

Manage expectations with your clients and be realistic about which short term projects you take on right now. 

Q2. How can we take time off when we have long-term clients? 

Outsource to a trusted contractor or peer. Swap work with a peer if your holiday schedules are different.

On social media, reduce engagement and just schedule content. The world won’t end if there’s less going out, many of your audience may be doing other things. 

If your client is keen to keep engagement going they may be willing to do it for a short time for a fee reduction. 

Q3. Why should we not feel parental guilt during the summer holidays and how can we avoid it?

We’re showing a role model and that work is a part of life. Compared to many working parents we still spend longer than the regulation couple of weeks off to spend with their kids. 

Working during the summer allows us greater flexibility throughout the year too. As parents we always focus on what we’re not doing, and when we’re not around, but it’s likely we spend far more time with our children than if we worked in an office.

Q4. How can we get more done when we have less time during the summer holidays?

⏳ Plan your working time

⏳ Prioritise 

⏳ Pomodoro technique 

⏳ Getting up early 

⏳ Notifications off 

⏳ Keeping focussed 

Q5. What are your top survival tips?

Plan plan plan. You can survive anything with a plan.

Plan plenty of scheduled outings where your kids can run around and then some scheduled screen time while you work. You’ll both benefit from the brain break. 

Q6. What are you doing for yourself during the summer?

We’re having two weeks together but my teens don’t want to go away anywhere. To be honest just some time to myself would be nice!

Q7. How can we plan for a successful autumn for our biz?

Take out some time to plan some 12 month, 6 month and 3 month SMART goals. You’ll thank yourself later.

⏳ Get your website and content marketing in order.

⏳ Audit your website to make sure your About page is sizzling and you’re putting your ideal client first. 

⏳ Do some keyword research and plan a handful of blogs you can write in this quarter.

You can find out more about Cathy here:

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What’s next?

We hope you’ll have a fantastic summer holiday and that these tips will help you feel less overwhelmed. 

Whatever you do, don’t feel guilty and make some time for yourself too. When we look after ourselves we can be there for our family and clients.

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