Running your own business is hard, especially in the early years.  If you are running it on your own you have to be everything. The CEO, CFO, bookkeeper, administrator, sales person, marketing manager, social media manager, website designer… the list is endless.

We’re talking about sole traders too because you are still running your own business even if that business is just you.

With the rise in solo entrepreneurs and freelancers, it can be lonely working from home without the right support or peers to lean on.

There are also so many freelancers and entrepreneurs that feel completely overwhelmed and they don’t know where to focus their efforts.  So many are at the early stages where they can’t sub contract or take on other staff. Or they can’t afford a business coach or mentor to help guide them which is where we come in.

What feels like 2nd nature to the team behind Go With The Pro really isn’t for so many small business owners and freelancers, and what you are feeling is where we started.

Why did we create the Go With The Pro membership?

Our aim is simple. To help small businesses and freelancers maximise their potential. To remove that all alone at sea feeling and give you that much needed community to help you over hurdles.

Here are 5 reasons why joining our membership is such great value for money.

Reason number 1.

Cathy Wassell – Experienced marketing expert.

I met Cathy on a Skype call back in 2016.  I didn’t actually meet her in person till November 2017.  However I ended up speaking to her nearly every day online up to the day I met her in person last year.

Cathy’s ability to keep up to date on anything and everything that is social media and marketing related is incredible. She just blows everyone who knows her away.

Cathy invested a huge amount of time and money into making sure she was an expert in all things social media related, she’s also been researching memberships for years and it was her idea to combine forces and create the GWTP membership.

She is also a Facebook Ads expert. Cathy invested in high level training from one of the top Facebook ads experts in the UK, who was mentored by Facebook. There are an awful lot of people offering Facebook ads services which are really not up to scratch, so this expertise is something you won’t want to miss out on.

Cathy is often tagged in groups to answer questions, she often guests on blogs or podcast for marketing influencers and has become an influencer in her own right.  She’s comfortable in front of the camera and will happily jump on a Facebook live to answer your questions.

She has over 25 years of marketing experience, and everything she does is relevant and successful.  Having access to Cathy through a membership is something you don’t want to miss out on!

Reason number 2.

Clare McDonald – WordPress website design specialist.

Clare has been designing websites for over 10 years.  I met Clare through Digital Mums, an online training programme specifically for Mums wanting to upskill as social media managers.  Actually all 5 directors are trained social media managers, amongst other things! Clare went on to design the website for pretty much every person she’s met! Freelancers, their partners, their clients, their Mum, neighbours…. You get the picture?

Clare is passionate about helping people and wants to demystify everything to do with running your business online. From website design to cyber security and everything in between!

Before moving into Web Design Clare worked in publishing for eight years. She managed large ad sales teams and worked on the commercial side of household name websites before most people had internet access.

Join Go With The Pro and Clare will show you how to design your own website.

 Learning how to create your own website alone is worth the cost of the annual membership.  Not only will we guide you through creating a website we will help you nail the copy and the branding.

Reason number 3.

Nicole Osborne  – Personal branding expert, video and marketing coach

Nicole has worked with business leaders for 20 years and is a Chartered Marketer. She has successfully delivered growth-focused marketing strategies for leading brands like the Financial Times, the Institute of Directors and more recently with Europe’s fastest growing social ad tech company.

With Lollipop Social she works as an outsourced marketing director or marketing coach with entrepreneurs to inject a sugar high into their marketing results. She recently launched Wunderbar The Marketing Efficiency Show her new vlog.  

Nicole will deliver a personal branding talk at the Cambridge Social Media Day 2018, she regularly appears as a guest on Twitter chats, marketing podcasts and Facebook Lives.  She’s totally smashing it on video and content marketing.

With her no nonsense approach (though she’s a big softie really) she will help coach you through anything to do with personal branding, content marketing, growing your own business and getting things done (she is German after all!).

Reason number 4

Gemma Windham – Social media manager and Facebook ad strategist.

With years of sales and managerial experience, Gemma has been involved in managing and recruiting for large teams across various businesses so when it comes to advice on outsourcing work or employing staff, she’s your girl.  She has a vast amount of knowledge in customer service, HR, recruitment, and performance management.

Gemma changed career in 2016 and co-founded her own social media management business. She also works with an established marketing agency where she is responsible for building and maintaining client relationships and works with the editorial and design teams to create social media campaigns, online content strategy and client publications.

Having undertaken additional training, Gemma is also an expert in Facebook advertising so she will be a strong part of the GWTP ad agency offering.

Reason number 5.

Ruth Gilbey – specialist in digital marketing for small businesses.

Ruth specialises in digital marketing coaching for small businesses. She can set and deliver a clear plan, enabling businesses to maximise their overall marketing. Keen to keep upskilling, Ruth is constantly on a course and has completed the General Assembly’s Digital Marketing course, Digital Mums’ 6 month associate social media management training and ongoing online courses from copywriting, content design, Facebook Advertising and business coaching.  

Ruth also brings over 20 years experience in managing teams and projects from startups to large corporations.  She has a wealth of experience, from HR, recruitment and accounts to sales and customer service. She is well equipped with vital skills and experience for small business owners and freelancers.  Currently, Ruth is completing coaching training and so is looking forward to helping members achieve personal and business goals!

We’ve introduced you to the team behind Go With The Pro, how will your business benefit by joining the membership?

There are already some amazing members in our community.  We currently support photographers, social media managers, website designers, publishing marketing managers, brand managers, copywriters, and graphic designers.  We have a members only Facebook group where you receive help and support from the Go With The Pro team. Our courses and resources are all ready in the membership for you and we will continue to add them every month.  We know what it’s like to feel overwhelmed and not know where to start. This is exactly why we have developed the membership, to support you and help you achieve your business goals.

Go With The Pro officially launches on the 1st September and you can join us here!