Andrew and Pete are the fun content marketing duo who help businesses and brands get faster results from their content and use creative marketing techniques. They have a weekly YouTube show called Marketing Unboringed and run the UK’s leading content marketing membership community, called ATOMIC.

As the authors of two hit books, ‘The Hippo Campus‘ and ‘Content Mavericks‘ they regularly keynote international conferences and have been featured on sites such as Inc., Huffington Post, Social Media Examiner, Convince and Convert, Entrepreneur on Fire and Kim Garst.

They are the experts and trend setters for unboring marketing content for small businesses. We were excited to have them on our Go With The Pro Twitter chat to give us their creative marketing ideas for growing your business #LikeAPro!

Here’s what they said in their own wonderful words.

How can social media freelancers stand out with their marketing in today’s crowded market?

Definitely STOP hiding behind logos and brand names.

When you hire a freelancer, you hire a person, so personalise your brand.

Make sure you show your beautiful face and even better your beautiful personality!

Go With The Pro tip: Social media is a young, fast-moving industry and with so many social media managers we need to work on our personal brand to make us memorable. Our members can learn how to do this in our branding course. Ask yourself, what do you stand for, what is your why and what makes you different? And yes definitely, don’t hide behind your logo – people want to get to know you and your story.

Where should they start with marketing their service business during their first year in business?

Start by looking at what everyone else is doing then say, “Sod that, I’m doing it my way!”

Work out what makes you different, what’s your speciality, what do you do differently?

Find that point of difference and play on it to stand out.

This is true not just for your business, but also your content. It needs a USP too! That’s what will give you the quickest growth.

Also, just survive Year 1 😆

Go With The Pro tip: We recommend you treat your own marketing like a client project. Work out what makes you different and plan how you can market this. Create time in your diary to make your own marketing happen.

What are the main mistakes you see small businesses make with their marketing?

The biggest mistake we see is people trying create content EVERYWHERE.

Lots of people say pick 2-3 platforms… we think even that is too many.

PICK JUST ONE MAIN PLATFORM, and spend 90% of your efforts on there.

Success comes by not spreading yourself too thinly.

Go With The Pro tip: learn how to use Google Analytics if you have a website. Identify which of your channels drive the most traffic and conversions (for example a download of your lead magnet). Focus on those 1 to 2 platforms – these are your shop windows to the world and they need to look great.  

What are the best ways to get inspired when we’re stuck for creative and budget-friendly marketing ideas?

Create an ‘Ideas Inspiration Folder’. Then anything that catches your eye online, screenshot and save it in there for when you need a shot of creativity!

Disclaimer: Only take inspiration from outside your industry though!

What are your favourite marketing tools for small business owners?


We love AgoraPulse – it’s a great all in one social tool.

Also we couldn’t live without Dropbox, Google Drive,, Morningfame and Manychat.

Here is our latest blog with our faves and how we use them!

Go With The Pro tip: Working with 5 co-founders means that we use lots of tools for planning and coordinating our marketing, including Content Cal, Trello, Google docs and BeLive.   

What should we consider when creating our first lead magnet?

Don’t over complicate your first lead magnet.

It doesn’t have to be 10000000 words, but should be extremely valuable… and it should solve a SPECIFIC problem EASILY!

We have 3 must have lead magnet ideas over here.

Go With The Pro tip: We know sometimes people find this overwhelming. But just ask yourself what existing content has attracted the most engagement. Could you build a lead magnet around that?

Here are two examples from our co-founders Nicole and Cathy:

Nicole founder of Lollipop Social has a Wunderbar Freebie factory where she promotes her main lead magnets to attract sign-ups for her Sugar Rush newsletter.

Cathy founder of Socially Contented offers a free 5-day LinkedIn Challenge to promote her LinkedIn course.

If you’re still struggling to decide what would work for your business, head over to our free Go WIth The Pro Facebook group where you can brainstorm ideas with our community.

What’s next?

We hope we can see you at more #GoWithThePro Twitter chats!

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