We all know that a social media presence is important but there’s no denying that done right, it’s no small job and as a business owner time is precious! Here are our top tips for saving time on social media.

Do I need to be on every social media platform?

Absolutely not, it’s far better to do a great job on one platform than spread yourself thin across all of them.  Think about your audience. Who are they and where/how are they most active on social media?  This should help you choose your platforms and prioritise your time effectively.

How can I make sure that I don’t get distracted and waste time on social media?

Plan your time.  Make a list and tick tasks off as you complete them.  Switch off any unnecessary notifications on your pc as well as your phone and try to only keep tabs open if you need them.

Try the Pomodoro technique!  Set a timer for 25 minutes and work solely on one task.  Take a 5 minute break, start another 25 minute ‘Pomodoro’ and repeat 3 times.  After every 3 sets of 25 minutes take a longer break (15 minutes minimum) before starting again.  This is a GWTP favourite, Clare and Cathy are passionate advocates but you must be strict with yourself and remove any distractions.

Which tools can I use to save time?

Scheduling tools are invaluable for planning ahead and composing posts to go out at a specified time rather than posting ‘in the moment’.  This is far more sustainable and allows you much more time to actually run your business.  There are lots to choose from and many offer free trials but we like ContentCal and we use it to plan for Go With The Pro because of the team element. Their customer service is also excellent.

It’s important to share content other than your own but finding it can take time. There are some great tools out there for content gathering.  Don’t spend time scouring social media for relevant content to curate, set up Google alerts or use a feed reader such as Feedly to gather content for you.

Go With The Pro top tip; 
Download Pocket to save great content to share with your audience when you spot it on your own feed.

How can I make sure that I respond to customers without spending all day on social media?

Check in to your accounts at set times each day and allocate 10 minutes each time to reading and responding to customer engagements on each platform.  Be aware of when your customers are most active and plan around those times.

Small chunks of time is key. Nobody should expect an immediate response and it’s easy to become distracted by notifications every few minutes.

How can I get the best out of my content?

Have a bank of evergreen content and reuse it, this is a must do!  Relevant curated content can also be reused particularly on Twitter, just remember to change the caption to keep it fresh.

Plan ahead and use awareness days as a hook.  Awareness days are great provided they are relevant and there are plenty of them!  We have produced our own FREE awareness day calendar and have painstakingly checked and triple checked each entry.  Not that we are biased of course but we think it’s the best one out there.  Find it here!

Repurpose your content.  Use your blogs to write Linkedin articles, convert them to video content in Lumen 5, use quotes to make images and checklists and remember to go LIVE to promote them.  Repurposing is key, one blog can give you several pieces of content saving an awful lot of time.

What’s next?

We’ve saved the best for last! The Go With The Pro Social Media Content Planner is a great way to save time creating your social media posts. With 365 posts including UK centric awareness days which are suitable for any business or sector, you will save hours of precious time and for less than £40 for an entire year! Not only that, because we want to save you as much time as possible, we’ve also included free templates resized to all the major platforms and a bank of alternative or extra posts. Just add your own branding!

Check out the planner HERE or why not join our free Facebook group for more top tips?

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