Boost your personal brand and visibility with Twitter

Originally from Eastern Germany, our co-founder Nicole Osborne is a personal brand and social media coach helping small business owners get sweeter marketing results with her new coaching programme Wunderstars.

Nicole helps entrepreneurs to increase their visibility on social media with stand-out personal branding and engaging content marketing.

Nicole’s marketing career started at the Financial Times nearly 20 years ago. She is a personal branding and social media coach. She has successfully delivered marketing plans for leading brands, social media agencies and tech start-ups.

Twitter has been instrumental in Nicole’s marketing activities. It’s helped her to gain visibility, get speaking gigs and be invited onto podcasts and as a guest on Twitter chats such as #TwitterSmarter and #SocialROI.

Here she shares, in her own words, how business owners can use Twitter to build their own personal brands.

Q1. Why is Twitter a great platform for boosting our personal brand and visibility?

The stats say it all: Twitter is thriving with 330 million monthly active users across the globe – 13 million users in the UK alone.

People use it to get their news so you can get noticed fast and it’s one of the best ways to connect with influencers and to see #journorequests.

With its conversational nature, you can show your personality and let it shine through in your posts. Twitter is no place to be boring! So use the platform to promote your personal brand.

Q2. What makes a great Twitter bio and visual presence on this channel?

If you’re a solopreneur, adding a good photo and your name to the account name and bio is a must. We want to know who we’re connecting with and not go on a long hunt for people’s names.

Update your bio regularly, promote the hashtags of events you’re following or the niche you’re positioning yourself in.

Your tone of voice is your personality on paper so make it approachable and relevant to your audience, and don’t forget to tell people how to get in touch with you.

Pin your latest blog, video, service to the top and change it regularly.

Use on brand emojis, images, gifs, a branded hashtag and mobile friendly header images. 80% of Twitter users view their feed on their mobile.

Q3. How can we showcase our skills On Twitter when attending industry events?

Create a live tweeting strategy for events and prepare for success. Watch my tips here.

Consider your key questions before the event so that on the day you can draft visually impactful and interesting tweets. Check out Lenka Koppova and May King Tea, they rock at this!

Connect with speakers before, during and after the event, after all you’re attending to build your network. Treat them as people, there’s no need to be scared of them.

If your tweets show personality and enthusiasm, you’re bound to make a first great impression.

Q4. What are your top tips for using Twitter to build an online network?

Be strategic with your content. Develop your niche, share your own content, as well as the content from relevant influencers, and be consistent.

Don’t just lurk, have an opinion. Also, I never tweet anything I wouldn’t want my mum to see – even though she isn’t even on Twitter!

Join Twitter chats where you can meet your audience – check out the fab lists of best chats by Madalyn Sklar and Danielle Bayes.

Use the video reply function and direct message function to deepen the connections with your audience, and especially prospects.

Use Twitter lists to keep track of them.

Be generous and share other people’s content. Engage in real conversation and listen to what your audience is interested in.

Check your analytics to keep track of what works too.

Also, experiment with trending topics and annual awareness days to broaden your audience.

Q5. Why is it important to create our own content for Twitter?

As we grow our business we need to grow our audience. If you create your own content, you can prompt people to visit your website where you can encourage them to sign up for your newsletter (to grow your own list!) and to check out your services (to make more money!).

Social media is full of noise, we need to showcase what we’re good at by creating our own content. We need to stand out from the crowd. Your own content is your tool for this!

Why would you go through all the effort of building up your own engaged Twitter following without sending them to your website to get them to engage with your messages?

All you need to do is create new content once a month to start with – we’re all on hand in the free Facebook group if you’d like some support or accountability.

Q6.  How can we keep our content fresh on Twitter?

Listen to your audience, review your results and tweak your approach.

Use different formats: GIFs, videos, polls, lists, emojis and on brand images.

Ask your audience questions and engage them. Our Social Media Content Planner contains 365 planned posts ready for you to personalise to your own business or sector.

Use the free Go With The Pro Social Media Awareness Calendar for new ideas and approaches.

Share behind the scenes content, your audience will love it and it’s always fresh. My video offers 10 super easy ideas and shows what I’ve used.

What’s Next?

We hope this blog has encouraged you to review how you use Twitter in your marketing mix. If you have any questions, you’ll find Nicole in our free Facebook group. No question is silly, it’s a totally safe space so why not join our community?

How to use Awareness Days in your Content Marketing #LikeAPro

What are Awareness Days?

An awareness day, week or month is generally set up by an organisation or charity, to mark an occasion or anniversary or to raise money or awareness for a charity or cause and there are many to choose from (trust us – we’ve researched many of them!). Some mark important or poignant dates in history, some raise millions for charity and some of them are downright bonkers. Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day, we’re looking at you!

How should you use them?

Used correctly, awareness days can be a fantastic resource and a really important part of your social media strategy. Awareness and national days are incredibly popular on social media, generally used as hashtags and more often than not, trending on Twitter. This provides a golden opportunity to join the conversation, increase your engagement and reach new audiences.

The trick is to choose carefully and make use of the awareness days that are relevant to your business or brand.  You can have some fun with it and your links can be tenuous, but they have to make sense and suit the overall tone of your business. Some of them are very niche but there are many that are easy to link to, like Get Organised Month and Awkward Moments Day (who doesn’t have one of those to share?). Aside from being great content hooks, get it right and you will increase traffic to your social media and website as well as raising awareness of your business.

The best thing about awareness days is the ability to plan ahead. Days are an annual event, set well in advance so if you use a reliable calendar, you can find your relevant days, plan your posts and schedule them way in advance at a time that suits you! This also removes the stress of trying to get a decent photo of your team on Christmas Jumper Day or Odd Socks Day when Julie from accounts forgets her jumper and the intern is late.

How else can I use them?

Why not also use awareness days in your overall marketing strategy? You could reference relevant events in your newsletters or publish a blog. If you want to raise money for a charity or cause, then you can run a campaign on your feed using their hashtag and encourage your clients or business contacts to support your endeavours. Anyone for Movember this year…?

Top Tips

Make the most of the opportunity. Take some time to take or source images or Gifs (who doesn’t love a Gif?!) to add to your post.  The more visually engaging or amusing (where appropriate) your post, the more it will stand out and the higher you can expect the level of engagement to be. Injecting some humour into your social media in most cases is more than appropriate, it’s a great way to humanise your feed and keep your audience engaged.  

Do keep an eye on what you have scheduled to go out, and this applies to any content you may have planned ahead. Posting light hearted and otherwise completely inoffensive content in the aftermath of a tragic accident or disaster could appear insensitive and reflect badly on your business.

How can I find them all?

It’s simple! We have a fantastic FREE awareness days calendar containing over 1000 awareness days which are regularly checked for accuracy and the best bit? You can export it into your existing online calendar such as Google or Outlook and if we spot a date change, it’ll auto update your end.