Ruth Kudzi is a qualified Success coach, speaker and blogger. She is obsessed with personal development and has a BA in Psychology & Management Studies, a MA in Psychology, a PGCE in Business Economics and a PGCERT in Coaching alongside lots of other qualifications.

She built a six figure business on maternity leave and is now a multiple business owner. Her passion is empowering other women to start up and develop their dream businesses.

We had such a dynamic Twitter chat with Ruth and she gave some great tips for getting started and creating a business that you love and that works for you.

In her own words, here’s the best of the chat.

What are the advantages of creating a business you love?

It’s good to create a business that you love because when you do what you enjoy you can be more focused and your passion comes across in all that you do.

I actually look forward to getting up in the morning now!

Life is too short to do something you don’t love (a cliche that took me 37 years to realise!)

What stops people from running a business they love?

I think we don’t create businesses that we love because we are scared.

Sometimes that dream can feel so far from reality. You don’t need to give up your job straight away, it’s about those smaller steps.

Plus, I think sometimes we have a lack of role models. I didn’t really know anyone else with a business when I started up, so it felt like it was something other people did.

It’s generally fear and the practicalities of how.

How can people identify what they are good at?  

A really good exercise is to ask people close to you what they think you are good at. Look back at your job history and see what people come to you for.

Also, think about what you do more easily than other people.

How do you know you’re ready to set up on your own?

This is the hardest one. I don’t think you are ever 100% ready. But having a plan, understanding your finances and identifying who will buy your service / product helps.

Ideally, try and test what you are doing before you launch and then go for it.

Support is also extremely important at this stage.

How can people set goals?

I love starting with your vision and thinking about what you really want and then working backwards. Most goals start as a financial target in business so work out what that means – how many clients do you need for example? You can then break it down from there.

Always make sure you can measure your goals and that they are personal to you.

How can people create a realistic action plan?

Map out how much time you can commit to your business before you do your plan. I like doing them in 90 day stints focusing on 2-3 different projects.

For each project think about what success will look like and what support you need, and then map out your actions over 90 days.

You want to make sure that all actions feed into the projects which help achieve the goals.

Also, make sure you schedule in the time for each action in your diary. Then map out regular review times (every couple of weeks) so you can make sure you are on track.

Some additional questions which guest asked Ruth were…

How did you stay motivated during your first year? The highs/ the lows!

For me, having a support network was very important – including my own coach.
Plus, seeing the bigger picture, when things don’t work out taking that step back to get perspective is crucial. It’s important to focus on building your resilience as well as your business.

What motivates you the most for accomplishing your day-to-day tasks?

It’s always about going back to why I am doing it. I spent years (decades) feeling lost and trying to fit and I don’t want others to feel like that. I revisit this.

And I have a kick ass coach who keeps me on track too!

Any tips on successfully outsourcing when you’re scaling your business? What have you seen work well?

This is a great question. I always think outsource what you aren’t good at and what takes up a lot of time. Start small – a pay as you go contract and then you can build (and it’s less commitment).

What’s next?

Do check out Ruth’s book, Is this it? This book will help you get clarity on what is important to you and how you want your future to look so you can identify your driving values and the goals that you want to achieve. It will enable you to develop your confidence and consider different ways of thinking that will move you forward, as well as understanding what your options are.  

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