Here’s our recap of the #GoWithThePro Twitter chat on 19th July: How can you grow your business leads #likeapro?

Co-hosted by Cathy Wassell one of the 5 Go With The Pro Co-founders.

The chat was a huge success and we would like to share our learnings and key takeaways.

Here are some of the fab answers from Cathy, our expert on building your email list and getting leads through your on and offline marketing:

Why does growing your business leads matter?

For many businesses, a steady stream of new customers or clients is necessary for them to stay in business. While repeat  custom is obviously desirable, new leads are the lifeblood of an organisation.

What stops you from going all out to get leads for your business?

I think the answers to this are all going to be variations on feeling ikky at selling!  Perhaps we feel like we are cold calling and that people don’t want to be bothered by us.  Try to identify what really stops you going after leads.  Are you uncomfortable at networking?  Are you short of time?  Is it a lack of knowledge on what to do?  Are you uncomfortable at networking or do you just not understand Facebook Ads?

How can you get more confident about getting leads?

Your confidence will grow if you take the time to put together a lead generation strategy and work through it methodically with an accountability buddy.  Be prepared with an elevator pitch or at least a plan of what to say at a networking event, so that you can convey your brand concisely.  Also, make yourself go to a planned number of events per month.

Have an email and Linkedin messaging strategy in place so that you have a system to follow.  If you are following a plan, it’s much easier to be confident about doing it.

How should you use social media to get leads for your business?

Social media enables you to connect in a high-value, low-effort way to find interested prospects.  Offer to help someone and become the go-to helpful expert in your field so you are front of mind.

Post a Linkedin article on something helpful and offer a 15 minute consultation which will enable you to qualify leads.  You can build relevant connections using the Advanced search function on Linkedin.

Content marketing works as a great way of bringing in leads, as long as you are promoting your blogs on social media and in  your regular emails, and you are addressing your target audience’s problems.

Running webinars through software like Zoom or GoToWebinar can bring in new leads.  Pick a topic that solves your target audience’s problem and will show you as an expert.

Improving your website’s SEO can improve your lead generation through becoming more visible near the top of a Google search.  Use a tool like Google Search Console or Screaming Frog.

Lastly, offering lead magnets such as checklists or e-books through an opt-in form can bring new leads.  This would be at the top of a sales funnel, purely offering help with no sales pitch.

Which offline methods can you use to get leads?

Get referrals from current customers.  Contact your current clients, thank them for their business and ask them if there is anyone they would like to refer you to, possibly with some form of incentive.

Ask your personal network.  This doesn’t mean just family but sports partners, evening class buddies, friends and neighbours.  If it’s appropriate, leverage these networks to put the word out that you have availability for clients or sales.

Attend a networking event.  There’s still room for face-to-face networking even in 2018!  Have a one line elevator pitch ready and be helpful.  Ask people if they would like to connect on Linkedin and do it there and then on your phone.

How can you nurture the leads you have and convert them?

Sales is about solving your prospect’s problems not closing a deal.  Be ever helpful and be the person or company that they think of further down the line when they need what you are offering.

If you already have a list of people who know you but have never bought from you, stay in touch with them a few times each year.  You never know when they may change their mind or circumstances.

Use an email sequence.  You should be keeping the leads on your email list ‘warm’ by contacting them regularly with helpful content.  The first emails should be sales free.

Go With The Pro reminder from Ruth on building your pipeline even when you are busy;

If I have too much work I often forget about my sales pipeline. But it’s really important to keep building it even if you get busy.  People ask me all the time what I do.  Have your business card ready, be prepared to sell anywhere and everywhere if need be.

Go With The Pro top tip from Clare on attending networking events when you’re nervous;

Definitely taking someone with you helps, even if it just means you can chat to each other until your confidence grows.

And Roger even had a video prepared!

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On our next Twitter chat, we will be talking about how to plan your website #likeapro with our very own Clare McDonald as our guest host.  For more information about the Go With The Pro team and how you can benefit from joining our membership community, see here.