Ben M Roberts is a digital marketing strategist, Head of Marketing at a tech company called Talkative, and an expert in online reviews.

He is a podcaster (The Marketing Buzzword Podcast), author (Marketing Buzzword to Marketing Authority) consultant and keynote speaker who looks at how businesses can use the tools and time at their disposal in order to maximise business/sales growth.

Q1. What are the benefits of being invited as a podcast guest?

There are so many benefits to being a podcast guest:

  • Awareness of you and your business
  • Discuss/share your ideas
  • Show your personality
  • It’s fun!
  • Promote what you do and who you are

Ultimately you get to talk about something you’re passionate about and believe in on a platform where people have chosen to listen. You have their attention.

Another real benefit is that you get to go really deep on your topic, and really share your ideas and knowledge. Few other platforms allow you do that in such a personal yet mass way.

Q2. Many of our members are social media or digital marketing freelancers. How can they find great podcasts which are relevant to their niche or audience?

Three ways you can find the right podcast to guest on:

  • Curated lists of top podcasts in your niche/industry
  • Word of mouth recommendations
  • Search recommended podcasts in your podcast app like Castbox

Q3. What are your top tips for reaching out to podcast hosts?

My top tips would be:

  • Actually listen to an episode so you know their style
  • Add value to their audience?
  • Make it easy for them to verify who you are and what you can talk about
  • Don’t spam them

Q4. Once we’ve secured a guest stint, how can we make the most of the podcast appearance for our own marketing?

Maximise your podcast guest appearance by:

  • Add it to your website (perhaps in a mentions and features page)
  • Share and reshare content. Share that you’ll be on and when.
  • Share with your networks, word of mouth is so powerful!

Q5. In your experience, what makes a great podcast guest?

Great guests are prepared and not stumbling over answers. They talk about what they know.

Aim to go deeper and add your unique insights! Take time to find out who the audience is and tailor answers to make sure they fit the listener.

The best podcast guests know that it’s not about them. It’s about the audience.

Q6. What top tips do you have for preparing to be a podcast guest?

My top tips for preparing to go on a podcast would be:

  • Audio quality is essential! Be somewhere quiet and get a good mix.
  • Make sure you have good broadband and close unnecessary apps.
  • Be 10 mins early if possible to get ready and set.
  • Get some liquid for your voice.

Also… expect the unexpected!

Q7. In addition to your own, which are your favourite podcasts for digital marketing and social media learning?

Here are my favourites:

Social Media Examiner

One Hot Thing – Natalie Hailey (Hot Content)

Marketing and Finance Podcast – Roger Edwards

Begin Self Publishing Podcast – Tim Lewis

You Are The Media Podcast

Marketing Companion

Social Pros

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