Our latest guest on the #GWTP Twitter chat was Paul Ince AKA @BizPaul.

Paul is a digital marketing strategist who believes that the people working within the business are best placed to talk about it.

He helps organisations understand their voice and puts strategies in place to amplify it to their market.

With 20 years’ experience he has supported many businesses to increase their visibility online and grow their business through digital technology.

Q1. What are the benefits of attending industry events when you’re a social media or digital marketing freelancer?

  • Learning from others
  • Being inspired by speakers
  • Making great friends and grow your network
  • Taking your knowledge back and improve results for clients

Q2. What are your favourite UK marketing events?

Q3. What are your top tips for handling networking nerves?

Try and find people attending online beforehand and connect. It will make it easier when you meet in person.

Create a public Twitter list and add people in. Call it something like ‘Awesome People Going to [conference]’ to give them a pre-event boost.

Q4. How can we make the most of the networking opportunities prior, during and after the event?

Don’t feel under pressure to attend any pre-parties – your sleep is probably more important – but having a little social outing can make you relax.

During the event, try and move around, talk to different people. After the event, well, the choice is yours!

Q5. How can we create interesting conversations which may lead to new business or collaborations?

Ask questions, it’s not about you. What commonalities do you share? Get to know someone – do you like them? If not, then they’re not right for a collab.

Q6. What are your top tips for connecting with the speakers in a meaningful way?

Don’t go all fanboy/girl, it can scare someone off. Play it cool. Follow people on social media prior to the event and say how much you’re looking forward to meeting them and engage with their posts.

Hopefully they’ll recognise you when you meet them and you can have a nice chat.

Q7. What are your top tips for an events survival kit?

  • Sleep in advance
  • Take a notepad, writing implement
  • Have a power pack for your phone
  • Know the #
  • Eat well
  • Have fun
  • Sing at the karaoke with me!

What’s next?

Paul organises MarketEdLive, a fantastic marketing event in Nottingham which our co-founders Cathy Wassell and Nicole Osborne both enjoyed attending!  

Paul has kindly set up a preferential rate for the Go With The Pro community. To purchase MarketEdLive tickets use https://www.marketed.live/gowiththepro.

Do you like some more networking tips and encouragement?

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