This week the Twitter chat was joined by all 5 co-founders and we spent our hour discussing – How to set your pricing #LikeAPro.

Our host this week on behalf of the Go With The Pro team was Ieva who kindly stepped in to allow us all to participate and offer our best advice on what is a crucial step for any business.

We had a great response to our Facebook LIVE broadcast on pricing with numerous questions sent in so we expected to be busy and we weren’t wrong! As always, our keyboards were on fire.

For those that couldn’t make it (and those who couldn’t keep up), here were the questions:

Here are some of the answers:

How do you set your prices?

Answer 1:

How do you deal with unexpected extras?

Answer 2:

How can you get better paying clients?

Answer 3:

How can you increase your prices once you’ve worked with a client for a while?

Answer 4:

How can you nail client proposals?

Answer 5:

How do you deal with pricing objections?

Answer 6:

Sound advice there but what did everyone else have to say?

We were delighted to see so many in agreement that you should charge what you’re worth.

And that you should walk away if a client isn’t prepared to pay your rates.

Our co founders shared some personal success stories.

There were some thoughts on charging per hour versus for a service.

And Tim shared a simple calculation.

So much great advice from the Twitter chat again, and there’s more to come! We’re excited to have some fantastic guests lined up for the next few weeks.

We really hope you can join us next week where Sarah Richards from Content Design London will be making her Twitter Chat guest debut:

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