Here’s our recap of the #GoWithThePro Twitter chat on 23rd August with PR expert Carrie Eddins: “How to get started with PR for your business #LikeAPro”

Carrie Eddins helps female business owners to be seen and heard with PR. Her mission is to supercharge their visibility by getting them into the media.  She also specialises in marketing to women. Carrie’s process is called Heartfelt PR™.

HeartfeltPR™ is PR that feels right. No longer is it a matter of doing PR for the sake of PR. People are now seeing through that. It needs to be strategic, and with the heart of your audience in mind.

As with all our Twitter chats we want to cover a range of topics that will help our followers and community. PR is so important yet it can be seen as a bit of a dark art, how do you get the attention of a journalist? The Twitter chat was a huge success and there was lots of really useful info, that we’d love to share with you all.

So, how can you get started with your PR? Here is the advice from Carrie.

Why is PR good for your business?

PR is good for your business as it helps you to be seen by your ideal customer, be viewed as an expert and generate leads and sales like nothing else!

It supercharges your visibility, so you can be seen by your ideal client and generate leads, opportunities and sales!!

PR is part-story-telling and part-opinion-sharing so people really get to know like and trust you in a supercharged way, which is why it is so powerful!!

What should you do before you get started with PR?

Before you get started with PR, you need to understand how it works as it is not like marketing!

The media like to see written content ie blogs on your websites, so I recommend having at least 20 blogs with opinions, stories, sharing your processes and ones about current events, so that they can scan them to see who you are.

Look at getting really good photos done, even from your iphone so that you have them ready for the media when needed! Here’s a blog I wrote sharing what to do before you get started with PR! 

What are the rules of good PR?

The rules of good PR are, it’s about helping the media first. They are under tremendously tight deadlines so are very very busy, if you do not hear from them, do not hound them, nudge them, but be empathetic and kind!  You also need to respond fast to them or you will miss the opportunities!

PR is about getting into the media that your audience consumes not you, therefore your message is important than your medium, which many people find hard to accept!

You need to understand that PR is not like Marketing, ie you are not in control of if it goes out, when and how; unlike with Marketing!

Other rules are, to really remember that the media are human; even though at times they appear like superheroes!!

How does today’s PR work?

PR works very fast so when you respond to ie a  do it quickly!  This is something journalists use 24/7 when asking on Twitter for help with their stories!! It is a free service which you can use to get local, regional and national coverage.

There is what I call the left-brain and the right brain side to PR. Left is forward planning, being strategic ie planning for Christmas and New Year now.  Right is all about responding in the moment as a story breaks or jumping on headlines which means you have to be creative and fast!

Here’s a blog I wrote about how to jump on the headlines! 

How can you find PR opportunities and leap on them?

As above, you can find PR opportunities which are free on Twitter with Here’s a blog post I wrote to help you do it! 

You can pay to get access to PR opportunities too with @PressPlugs or @ResponseSource depending on your budget.  Still, you will have to bear in mind that you need to help them first, so it’s all about them not you.  Do not lead with how great you are!

Also, when you build a great relationship with a journalist, they will come to you! We all love to do business with people we like, know and trust and journalists do too!! it’s lovely when they come to you

What stops people from securing PR opportunities?

What stops people from doing PR… fear.  People do not do PR as they think it is like marketing, and fall on their derriere.  Whilst Content marketing is now part of it, it does work very differently, as you are not in control of PR which is why people are so scared of it!

PR do not secure PR opportunities as they make it all about themselves ie I’m so great I wrote this book. Newsflash the media don’t care. What they care about is how relevant that book ie is to their audience and to what’s current.

Some people can be demanding divas, ie be pushing, harassing and hounding the journalist. Don’t do that!  Other people do not put themselves forward enough so do not get the PR.  The biggest thing that stops people getting PR, is fear of judgement from family, friends, peers and themselves. They are like ‘who am I to go on the Jeremy Vine show?’ (He’s lovely btw !!) Bonkers really, why not you!

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See you next Thursday for the #GoWithThePro Twitter Chat. Next week’s #GoWithThePro Twitter Chat is with Cathy, Nicole, Clare, Gemma and Ruth – the five Go With the Pro co-founders and we will be talking you through how to set your pricing #LikeAPro.

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