Claire Jenks found her passion to help businesses on a personal level and build relationships with clients and it’s something she prides herself on. She works as an extension of businesses and their brand, becoming part of and really getting to know them. She’s often referred to as one of the team.

Her aim is to help businesses hit their targets, their ambitions and help them grow to the next level whether that be through offering an extra design resource to lean on or with advice on where to take their branding to next. Seeing the results and the appreciation of a client really makes her proud and spurs her on to help even more businesses meet their goals.

In her own words, here are Claire’s top tips on branding your business like a pro.

What are the advantages of using consistent branding for your marketing?

Consistent branding can make a huge difference to your business.  

It builds brand awareness and brand recognition and looks professional so it will be easier for you to build trust.

Consistent branding also helps you work towards building customer love and loyalty, helps you stand out from the competition and increases customers in the long term.

What are your top tips for using Canva to achieve consistency?

Collate and make a brand kit in Canva of:

  • brand fonts

  • colour references

  • logos

  • images

Use these elements for all your visuals and you’ll start to create a consistent look across all your graphics. Read more on how to do this here.

Creating a bank of templates for different uses is a great way to achieve consistency. If you edit and reuse these templates it’s consistency and time efficiency in one!

If you’re using the free version of Canva, find the font that closely matches your brand fonts instead and use these.

How do you create Canva templates that are on brand for your business?

Choose the templates that best fit with your messaging and ALWAYS edit them, so they use your brand colours and brand fonts (or as close to as possible). Use your own logos and images to really make them on brand.

How do you choose complimentary fonts for headings and body copy?

Firstly choose fonts that match your messaging and purpose. Then think about hierarchy too, show viewers where to look and what’s important.

Bear in mind that display or more decorative fonts work better as shorter headlines and more simple, neutral fonts work well as body copy.

Ideas for complementary fonts are fonts that have similar moods/personalities – think playful, sweet, formal and solid. Or, perhaps the same historical period but for different features think Vintage. Contrasts like Serif and Sans Serif work well too!

Want to know more?

Canva shares some great tips on their website and has a great font combination generator too!

How do you select great colour combinations?

Choose colours that work with your brand messaging and target audience. Great combinations can come from thinking about a mood, theme or place. Think stormy, summer, coffee shop, beach…

Keep in mind colour combinations, they could be tonal/different shades of the same colour. For example, think about a forest, lots of shades of green!

Tools like Adobe Colour and Palette are great for helping with finding amazing colour combinations…

Where can people find great images if they don’t like the ones in Canva?

Canva does have a full bank of images but there are other great stock photography sites you can look to too! Pexelsphotos, Pixabay, Unsplash Adobestock to name a few!

Alternatively work with a photographer to get some great on-brand imagery to use which would make you stand out even more, or take your own and upload into Canva. Bespoke imagery can be magic! 📸

How would you benefit from Go With The Pro membership?

In our latest blog we share how you can benefit from Go With The Pro membership.

To recap, this is what you get as a member;

  • Access to our private members Facebook group where you can post any questions or concerns about any aspect of your business and expect to receive straightforward and waffle-free advice and support from the GWTP co-founders and from other members.

  • You can ask us for help with anything you’re working on during our weekly ‘Ask Us Anything’ session with usually 2 of our co-founders. We’ve helped our members with solutions for questions such as;

    • finding a niche

    • how to come up with pricing for a proposal

    • how to feel more confident during a big meeting

    • reviewing LinkedIn profiles

    • how to deal with difficult clients

    • what should go into a winning proposal

  • Access to our resource library which holds many different courses and a whole bank of quick win resources on a range of topics such as GDPR, video marketing, working from home, networking and pricing to name but a few. Every month we’re adding new resources for our members.

  • A 30 minute welcome zoom call with one of the team to discuss how we can best support you in developing and marketing your business.

  • Regular challenges, on which  our members receive additional feedback.

What are you waiting for, come and join us?