Not that I’ve ever actually given someone a website for Christmas of course. Actually, I think I have but moving on.

Our point is this, a website needs to be looked after and kept up-to-date not created and then left to sit unloved on the World Wide Web. Any time you spend on it will only reflect positively on your business and vice versa.

Update Your Website

How many times have you looked at a website, whether it is a competitor, client or simply to look up some information and noticed it hasn’t been updated in months or perhaps even years?

There are some people who might argue that their product doesn’t change, that their website is simply a brochure to show their work or that there is nothing new to say but how is the customer supposed to know that? If the last “news” item was from April 2017 I might assume your business is either closed or that you can’t be bothered to keep your website up to date. Not a great reason for me to use your services really.

It doesn’t have to be much; just tweaking the picture or text on the Homepage makes all the difference.

Consistency is the Key to Content Marketing

Finally, and this is the one that I’ve been noticing more and more: if you jumped on the blogging bandwagon you have to keep it up. This is particularly important if your blog is within your website rather than on a separate WordPress or similar site. If you only intend to blog occasionally make it clear so people know when to expect a new post. Once a month or even less frequently is fine as long as you are clear people should not expect regular updates.

Think of it all this way; if you have a shop on the High Street you would expect your stock to change but you would also clean the windows, vacuum the carpet and change the light bulbs. These are the real world equivalents of keeping your content fresh, fixing broken links and deleting obsolete product pages. It might not make you money but it encourages people to spend time in your shop and that’s when you will make the sale. The same applies to your website. Fresh, up-to-date content encourages people to stay and look around.

So nurture your website and look after it. A few hours here and there will make all the difference and if you don’t think you have the time you can always employ someone to do it for you. The investment will definitely be worth it and it’s probably not as expensive as you think.

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